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Sun, 23 Sep 2018 

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Auf Wiedersehen Pet

Click here to order Auf Wiedersehen Pet 1, 2 & 3 on DVD & VHS from

Series 4 on DVD can be ordered now (released Feb 9th)

Television NZ TV ONE Web pages on Series 3

BBC TV Web pages on Series 4

Remember these lads?

Series 1

Group photo from Series I
Series 2

Group photo from Series II

And now they look like this:

Series 3

First official photo from Series III

My "to do" list for this page, as suggested over a few pints in the pub: For now check out the Unofficial Auf Wiedersehen, Pet Home Page

If you are looking for PAL VHS video tapes or DVDs of the series, click on the banner to visit

I have bought the complete series of AWP tapes & DVDs from them, and they have all been delivered to New Zealand within 7 days.

Other Links 

Series 1 
Series 2 
Series 3 
Series 4 
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