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An Unofficial Macs Ales Home Page

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Sun, 23 Sep 2018 

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nah nah na nah nah

An Unofficial Macs Ales Home Page
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(**** This page is rather out of date ****)

New look labels Mac's are launching new look labels. Find out more about Mac's new look on the NZ Brewers Network at

Rob Muldoon opens Macs Lodge Laughs cartoon
The Evening Post, 28 September 1981
Macs Bumper Sticker
20 January 1999
The Dominion, 20 January 1999

Macs Bottles Macs Brands

Naturally Brewed
Macs Radio Commercials:
Famous brew (.wav) RealAudioFamous Brew Get RealPlayer
Black Mac (.wav) RealAudio Black Mac
Macs Extra (.wav) RealAudioMacs Extra

You can find McCashin's Brewery and Malthouse at 660 Main Road, Stoke, Nelson, New Zealand.
Their phone number is +64 (3) 547-5357

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