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DRM - Digital Radio Mondiale - Radio NZ International

9:25am NZST 
Sun, 23 Sep 2018 

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DRM™ - Digital Radio Mondiale - Radio NZ International

Update June 2006

RNZI's own DRM transmitter has now been installed and is broadcasting to the Pacific Region. Details of the DRM schedule can be found on the RNZI website at

The signal has been heard as far afield as Japan, North America & Europe.

The New Zealand Government is to provide $2.64 million dollars capital in 2005 2006 for a new digital shortwave transmitter. An additional $421,000 will be provided next year and in subsequent years to cover operating costs. The new digital transmitter will operate alongside the current analogue transmitter for a period of several years, and then replace it completely.

At present RNZI is broadcasting to Europe in DRM mode via the UK:

Screen capture of RNZI DRM broadcast via Merlin VT Digital
(courtesy Simone Stoeppler, Germany)

Audio recordings of RNZI's DRM programming as heard in Europe:

  • Click here to listen to recordings that European listeners have sent to me.

If you have any comments about this page, or DRM™ reception, please feel free to email me. (or

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