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DX recordings from New Zealand (and more)

9:01am NZST 
Sun, 23 Sep 2018 

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 DX Recordings from New Zealand

My latest experiments: DRM reception from Wellington, New Zealand.

Here are some recordings of stations I have heard from my DX shack. Some are from listening at home in Wellington, but most are from my holiday cottage at Marahau.

These files are mostly in format. These can be played using the MPC-HC Media Player.

Some other audio recordings that may stir a memory or two for some people!

Other stuff from my holiday in 1998 (receiver Sony ICF-SW1000T with either built-in whip, or Sony "reel" antenna): In October & November 2007 I visited Argentina. This was primarily to use my train-spotting anorak and ride the Old Patagaonian Express, but I also took along a little Degen DE1121 receiver/MP3 recorder. In July 2010 I visited the Cook Islands to view the total solar eclipse from the island of Mangaia. Here are some recordings made from my hotel on the island of Rarotonga. In May & June 2012 I visited the US & UK. Here are a few recordings made during that trip. Contributions from other DXers:

Radio New Zealand "Spectrum" Documentaries

These programmes were recorded off my local Radio NZ National Radio station:

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