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Chris Mackerell's DX Receivers and Radio Collection

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Thu, 16 Aug 2018 

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Chris Mackerell's DX Receivers and Radio Collection


This page show the radio receivers and associated equipment that I use for DXing, plus my ever-growing radio collection.

The Home DX Shack - Tawa, Wellington, New Zealand

AOR AR-8200, Yaesu FRG-100/DRM, AOR AR-7030
DRT-1, JRC NRD-515, McKay Dymek DR-33C & accessories

AOR AR7030 AOR AR-7030.
Yaesu FRG-100/DRM Yaesu FRG-100/DRM, modified for DRM™ reception by SAT-Service Schneider. (see my DRM™ page about digital shortwave reception)
AOR AR8200 Mk3
AOR AR8200 Mk3 hand-held scanner
I use a Scanmaster QS300 stand,
from Nevada Radio in the UK,
which I find excellent.
Morphy Richards 27024 Morphy Richards Digitalradio Model 27024. DAB/DRM/LW/MW/SW/FM receiver.

I wrote a review of this radio for the April 2007 issue of the New Zealand DX Times magazine.

DWT Coding Technologies Digital World Traveller

USB-based DRM receiver. Performs too poorly on weak signals to be much use for listening in this part of the world, but a useful little travel receiver if I'm travelling with my laptop computer.

  Yaesu FRT-7700 antenna tuner (FRT-7700 Manual in PDF format)
JPS ANC-4 JPS (now Timewave) ANC-4 antenna noise canceller (click here to hear an example of what the ANC-4 can do - this is a recording of Radio Central, PNG, on 3290 kHz, with my flatmate's computer running in the next room. I toggle the ANC-4 on and off during the recording. Beware: it's a meg or so in size. Click here for a RealAudio version.)
Sloper Antenna Alpha Delta DX-SWL Sloper Antenna
  McKay Dymek DA-5 mediumwave antenna
Grundig C410 Grundig C410 cassette recorder (Visit Grundig Radio Boy's C410 page, and my Grundig page)

The Holiday DX Shack - Marahau, New Zealand

Drake SPR-4 & other vacationing receivers

Looking towards North America
No room for beverages
(of the antenna kind anyway!)

Drake SPR-4 Drake SPR-4
Home-made 40"x40" broadcast-band loop
JPS NF-60 JPS NF-60 - a basic het killer. I use this with my Drake SPR-4 at my "holiday DX" shack.

DXing on the Move

Degen DE1121 Degen DE1121 radio/MP3 recorder.

I purchased this little Chinese receiver, together with a Degen antenna, as a less valuable set to travel with than my Sony.

Some recordings I made using this receiver while on holiday in Argentina during October & November 2007 can be found here.

TG34 indoor shortwave mediumwave active antenna
Sony ICF-SW1000T Sony ICF-SW1000T radio/cassette recorder.

I use this, together with the AN-LP1 antenna, when travelling.
Sony AN-LP1 active antenna (AN-LP1 Service Manual in PDF format)
Sony XR-CA640X car stereo with shortwave.

I bought one of these from Jacky's in Dubai. I installed it in my Toyota and can now listen to shortwave when driving to & from work.

Durham Radio Sales & Service Inc in Whitby, Ontario, Canada sell similar radios which you can find on their websites:

The Collection of "Other Radios"

Murphy B40 Murphy B40 - a great receiver, shame it sent Murphy broke. Here in New Zealand Mitsubishi Motors have featured the B40 in a TV and newspaper advertising campaign.
Realistic TRF Realistic 12-655, quite a good little AM band set. (Owner's Manual - includes circuit diagram)
Philips Philips valve radio. This old set has heard several US & Latin MW stations.
Lafayette HA-600 Lafayette HA-600
Trio 9R59D Trio 9R59D
Heathkit Mohican Heathkit Mohican GCW-1A Receiver (photo is not of own my receiver yet)
Panasonic DR29 Panasonic DR29 Receiver
Grunding TR-6002 Grundig Satellit 1000/TR-6002 - my first "real radio". My parents must have wondered why they ever bought it!

This receiver is going to live again! I now have my own original set back on the workbench after many years and I am in the process of bringing it back to life.

(Click here see the circuit diagram & alignment scheme and other Grundig links)

Stuff that hasn't got onto the web page yet....

  • Heathkit SB-313
  • Heathkit HR-1680
  • McKay Dymek DR-33C6
  • Tento Meridian-237
  • Philips D2999 (English User Guide)
  • Nordmende Galaxy Mesa 9000
  • JRC NRD-515
  • Racal RA-1792
  • Yaesu FRG-7
  • Yaesu FRA-7700 Active Antenna
  • Grundig YB 500
  • Grundig Stereo Concert-Boy Transistor 4000
  • Barlow Wadley XCR-30
  • Chengdu Newstar Electronics DR111 DRM receiver
  • Elad FDM-S1 SDR
  • Lowe HF-225

Some more photos of my radios can be found here.

"Radios I have Owned"

GE SR-III GE SuperRadio-III - a great sounding consumer radio around that can also do a decent job DXing on the AM band.
Sony WA8000 Sony WA8000 multi-band radio/cassette (sold July 2002)
JPS NIR-12 JPS NIR-12 DSP noise reduction unit (sold March 2002)
Eddystone 680X Eddystone 680X - a great receiver, but I just had too many others

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