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Winos Delerious - The Home of the RASNZ Radicals Section

5:15pm NZST 
Thu, 16 Aug 2018 

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"Winos Delerious"

The Home Constellation of the Radicals Section RASNZ

The Radicals Section is an informal, totally unofficial, group of members of the Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand who enjoy humour and imbibing along with their astronomy.

Some RASNZ Conference Photos from years gone by

The official home page of the RASNZ can be found by clicking here.

Exclusive: First Photograph of Winos Delerious:

Click to
 see a high resolution photo of Winos Delerious

The self-appointed, self-opinionated, self-intoxicated committee:
Andrew James, Sydney, Australia
Chris Mackerell, Wellington, New Zealand
Dennis Goodman, Christchurch, New Zealand

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